flashing arrowRon Williams - Founder and Owner of RWC

Ron Williams grew up surrounded by family members involved in a construction and engineering environment.  Ron’s grandparents immigrated from Finland and brought with them a steep pride in Old World Craftsmanship.  Ron was allowed to sort lumber by length until the age of 8.  At age 8 he was allowed to use his beloved hammer to begin nailing down sub-flooring.  

As a young man Ron began to concentrate on structural framing and foundations.  He began to work his way into trim, doors and eventually cabinetry.  Being steeped in tradition he was not allowed to work under the Master Trim and Cabinet Craftsman until he mastered the basics of structure properly.

Ron stayed in the structural end of building for several years working his way up to Foreman and then Superintendent.    At a Superintendent level Ron learned the foundation and framing codes and at that point was allowed to over-ride building plans if he saw or anticipated a problem passing inspection or if he recognized a structural deficiency.

Years of hands on construction experience, engineering, drafting and crew supervision came together and Ron became a master of all these areas after half a lifetime of dedication.  The only missing piece was to keep the customer informed, updated and listen to what their expectations were.  Rising to the top of his field Ron was chosen to supervise every aspect of construction of a project called the “Intellihome” which is to this day the most publicized home in the world.  A shot of this home was and still is shown at the beginning of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”.

Ron started his business, Ron Williams Construction, in 1982 when he saw there was a need to bridge the gap between what the architects and engineers designed and what was actually built.  Ron saw corners being cut to save money and time and it was then he realized there was a better way of building.  He realized that he could build a great design with the best materials and craftsmanship and stay on a budget.  This was made possible by working closely with the architects to make minor but huge cost saving changes.  He then passed those changes down to the tradesman and showed them more efficient time saving techniques to cut cost even further while still maintaining the standard set by his ancestors.

Ron Partnered for a short time with an experienced Insurance Adjuster who showed him how to itemize each part of a damaged home.  He learned how to itemize so that a client could get everything built back without a trace of fire, water or other damage ever being present.  Special techniques were developed to maintain structural integrity and consistency because there were no regular methods to solve some of the problems that are unique to fire, water and other forms of damage.

These techniques coupled with Ron’s tradition of excellence make RWC what it is today.    The best fire and water restoration company in north Texas.

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